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Sage 100 Common Information (CI) Introduction Recap

The Common Information Module, as the name suggests, is where setup and configuration of …more…cross module options and system-wide procedures for Sage 100 software occur. These user interface tasks and procedures may include Sales Tax Account setup, processing of AP and AR accounts such as, cash receipts and depostis for Accounts Receivable, cash disbursement and payments for Accounts Payable, or the inventory unit of measure (UOM) that spans the Purchase Order, Sales Order or other modules. Other Common Information functionality may include inventory items’ UOM that are associated with Work Order, Bill of Materials, Materials Requirements Planning or eCommerce Shipping processes for manufacturing or distribution.

Sage Software Support Overview Information

This page includes Sage Support Information. Here you will learn about the fundamentals of the Sage 100 Common Information Module from sources such as Sage’s Common Information Overview Document customer user guides, manuals, software documentation, the Sage Software ERPM Help System, Sage’s Knowledge Base and our twenty plus years experience as users in operations and finance.

This page includes overview information about each menu task in the Common Information module that is accessible from the Sage 100 explorer menu.

Like the Library Master Module This module is also used to setup cross module options for Sage 100 software. The Common Information Module is where setup and configuration occurs for selected module options and is catagorized into four primary sections: main, reports, setup and utilities.

sage 100 CI support and information menu links Sage 100 Common Information Menu Links

  1. Main Menu:
  2. Bank Information,
  3. Miscellaneous Inventory Items,
  4. Memo Codes for AP, AR, GL, PO and Inventory Modules, and
  5. Inactive Reason Codes.
  1. Reports Menu:
  2. Miscellaneous Item Listing Report,
  3. Miscellaneous Item Listing by Period Report, and
  4. Miscellaneous Item Listing Detail Transaction Report.
  1. Setup and Configuration Menu:
  2. Common Information Options, and
  3. Unit of Measure Conversion.
  1. Utilities and File Maintenance Menu
  2. Purge Obsolete Extended Descriptions, and
  3. Purge Item History.

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