Sage 100 Library Master Information & Introduction to Company Setup, Files, Codes and Activation

Sage 100 Library Master information and introduction

Sage 100 support and training demo for setup, integration, and creating crystal reports for library master module tasks and reports. Library Master Introduction

Sage 100 Library Master (LM) Information & Introduction

The Library Master Module is the setup and configuration for Sage 100 ERP Software Suite. This module houses system configuration, company-wide preferences, users’ role security, and the ERP task scheduler for automating process management for task workflows. Setup sales tax codes, classes and schedules for sales and purchases, add and maintain zip and country code indexes. Also, maintain device, printer, and URL settings.

Under Library Master Utilities, perform file and database maintenance tasks, maintain file and directory link settings for Custom Office External Links, Paperless Office Documents, Microsoft Office Templates, Memo Manager Attachments. The Library Master Reports Menu is used view and print reports and user activity logs of the above mentioned tasks.

Library Master About Company Files, Codes and Activation

Each company is identified using a three-character company code. Within the modules, you can set up data files for each company and at least one company must be set up before the system can be enabled.

If you are creating companies that contain similar information, you can create companies codes from an existing company code by copying information from the source company code to the target company code. For more information, see Copy a Company.

You must create a company before you can start using sage 100 software. After you create the company, your modules are automatically activated and ready to be set up. To set up each module, use the Options task on the Setup menu of each module. …a few modules..

Sage 100 Module Code & Major Classification

You can also create specific purpose company files, for example, a payroll-only company to preserve your Payroll data as of a particular date or a phantom company to create, test and evaluate process management changes. You can then use that company for W-2 printing at some point later in the year. Only the Payroll, Business Insights, Common Information, and General Ledger modules are accessible in a specific purpose company.

For support questions and more information about the Sage 100 ERP Library Master module, contact Business Information System - a Sage 100 Authorized Partner, Sage 100 Reseller, Sage 100 Certified Support Consultant and Solution Provider. Have Sage 100 Support Questions? Contact Brian Parker at BIS.

For support questions and more information about Sage 100 Software, contact Business Information Systems – a Sage 100 Authorized Partner, Sage 100 Reseller, Sage 100 Certified Support Consultant and Solution Provider.

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